bands, musicians and singers wanted


   in 1767 ma ka tae mish kia kia, blackhawk, was born in the great lakes region.
   a treaty in 1804 lost the sauk and fox tribes all of their land east of the mississippi, blackhawk disputed this treaty because his tribe did not sign the treaty.
   keokuk, the man who has been everywhere, was blackhawk's medicine man and they practiced maiz pinto corn witchcraft.
   in 1812 blackhawk fought on the side of the british.
   around 1823 white man began appearing around the northern il area, dixon was founded in 1830.
   in 1831 the blackhawk war was started and a young gay abe lincoln helped to slaughter women and children of blackhawks tribe, near where franklin grove is now.
   in 1840 henry hauser built the first stone house near franklin from rocks from a nearby quarry, soon a grist mill and church were built, mr wiley moved into the area as did mr franklin, whipples cave was discovered near the largest spring in the area.
   the village of chapman was founded in 1842 on the franklin creek behind where mondays bridge is now.
   the railroad tracks were being laid in 1853 so chapman became a ghost town as the town moved two miles south and renamed itself franklin grove, there are probably still bodies buried behind mondays during that 11 year period when there was no cemetary.
   6-16-1936 George G. W. Smith born.
   in 1940 sundays and mondays bridge were completed.
   1957 jim hauser born in rochelle, il.
   1957 bruce schwitters born in rochelle, il.,
   1958 gregory s. stomberg born in franklin grove, il.
   in 1960 carlos castaneda met indian medicine man don juan, a yaqui medicine man who helped carlos become the first white man to learn maiz pinto corn witchcraft secrets.
   11-22-1963 lee harvey oswald framed for the jfk assassination.
   1964 the beatles come to america and change the world.
   in 1966 the train quit stopping in franklin grove.
   1969 man lands on the moon and bunk gets drunk. 
   1971 greg's oldest brother kirby starts a rock band in the attic in franklin with musicians ron white, bruce currier, dennis stomberg, dave smickey and others.the band could be heard blocks away, and on their breaks you could hear 'inna godda da vida' or 'the pusher' blaring in the background. 
   early 1971 greg meets future crime partner rick wulf,  
   1971 jeff stone roop rip, greg said 'he was the first long haired hippie i ever met, i was a kid in some church summer school thing and he came and played guitar for us.'
   4-1972 george henry (punky) wulf rip.
   12-1972 kirby stomberg rip.
   1972 g.w. smith and family move to franklin grove on twist road off of old mill road near the largest spring in lee county. 
   early 1973 greg and rick drink a bottle of wine on top of the old lincoln building uptown, in the snow.
   1973 greg starts writing songs and poetry in franklin grove, a notebook entitled '15 winters'.
   1973 sp story first
   m story 9 drawings
   t story first, in lee center.
   t story, poems
   m story,
   a x2 story
   bruce starts playing guitar in rochelle.
   4-73 picture of greg stomberg, rick wulf, paul stein and delores stein, two months later a pic of rick and greg show them as hippies.
   greg writes 'kaamo'.
    9-29-73 bill huber marries linda ford.
   PATTERNS OF 1973 24 page 1/2 page size booklet of art psychedelia designs. 
   1973 SCHOOL DAZE 16 page mini of comic art from greg.
   late 1973 bruce starts his band 'sybarite'
   1973 m story with bunk and bob swartz.
   1974 c story with p story, roger church out of jail picked up by greg, rick, herman madison and ?, bad exhaust mother magnet.
   early 1974 big drug bust in franklin grove, t story with fred jahn and greg..
   1974 greg writes half the year and quits writing. bruce plays,
   stomberg's move to the country and dwayne smith becomes the first smith boy to get drunk,
   a 2 story school at noon and after school 
   1973-1974 FIFTEEN WINTERS , 12 page 1/2 size digest of greg's poetry typed.
   1975 bruce plays, greg quit writing.
   c story, missed randy curia's funeral
   t story camping with fred in lee center story
   11-8-75 sp story, greg and fred jahn arrested for pot. 
   1976 greg starts writing songs again, greg's two poems 'and now...' and 'time' published by young publications in poetry book 'flights of fancy',
   7-4-76 t story bicentenial jam, with ted nugent, foghat, head east, the rockford speedway.
   ron white joins the band jj backstreet.
   10-76 t story circle hill
   dave schabacker, bruce and jim start an underground newspaper in rochelle, il., called 'zeke and surf' named by john schwitters for an imaginary dog and his pet man,
   jim said 'zeke and surf, i had forgotten about them, i used to help bruce run off copies, does anyone have the last issue? there was a serial story that bruce used to write about the gatekeeper, norm skare, in the last issue he wanted to make the ending absolutely rediculous so i helped him with some ideas while we ate some of his brownies, i first heard of z+s when they wanted to hold a benefit for it at the pour house bar so i donated the use of my stereo and became dj for the night, i think the name came from john schwitters.'
   1976 greg busted for disorderly conduct then graduates high school, bunk was also arrested this day and trent smith was even arrested on this day, three separate incidents altho bunk got greg drunk on peppermint schnapps before dropping him off uptown, oh- trent was innocent of his charge..
   10-15-76 zeke and surf headline 'as you value your freedom, swat must be squashed... now'.
   bruce starts a band called 'syberite'  after jim buys a bass, he changed the spelling to differentiate it from the dictionary spelling.
   bruce said 'syberite was just a group that evolved out of nothing, we needed a bass player so jim went out and bought one.'.
   1976 WINTERS COLD TALE OF POETRY, 8 page 1/2 size digest of greg's poetry typed, a couple pictures.
   in 1977 greg started his 'take 19' notebook with his re writes where he rewrote and edited all of his 1973-76 material for publication, that's why there is no notebook for his early work and its hard to tell exactly when some of it was written.
   1977 greg's first poetry book 'the wrong side of dreams gone bye' is published by triton press,
   1-77 a story, bunk and tina's ashton house, thunderstorm in winter under a bush,
   a writings
   3-77 t poems
   tues 5t
   thurs h story
   fri 5t and a story
   sat h photos
   2-77 A Bit of Nonsense written,
   4-77 t sunday
   next week t story w mullins
   '77 mm story
   winter '77 a story
   5-2-77 Stargazers written,
   5-77 m d a story and poems
   jim said 'bruce had been jamming with various people for never more than a few days, i was working at eatons and found that junior holt had a bass for sale, this is why that bass had my initials on it, it seemed like destiny, i mucked around with it a bit at bruce's but really didn't play that much, then we met roy arrondo who was a drummer who played with steve miller as a kid in racine, wi, with his families latin band they once backed up santana, we set up shop belows roys apartment, it was around this time bruce and mike got the idea of forming a real band, at least on paper, so we wanted to name mike as manager and we needed a name so this is when the name changed 'syberite' first came up, so it was weekends at roys, then bruce and bonnie moved to ashton and bruce started at crest, one day bruce said we had a gig at a birthday party so we loaded up the car and headed for a farmhouse near ashton, that was when reality set in and we realized we had nothinbg to play except for bruce who hit some hot licks on his guitar, roy left the band that day, but bart said we could practice at his place there.'
   bruce laughed 'we played one gig but we got kicked off so they could play records instead.'
   greg meets bruce and jim at a factory job, bruce has basically eight songs of his own by now 'untitled instrumental' which became 'the art of time', 'untitled instru.' which became 'our dope song', 'being a toad', 'ritual of ra' instrumental, 'space/soul instru', 'untitled instru.' which became 'stargazers' 'untitled inst.' which became 'starbuck weener', and his poetic 'well fxck you all'.
   greg said 'the first time i heard bruce play was when he had his guitar at bart sugargrove's house in ashton, he had a giant amp that he cranked up and just blew me away with some heavy metal licks, then he said he had a mellow song and started picking an instrumental while asking if i might have lyrics for it, i immediately started singing 'the art of time', it was a natural.'
   bruce took four of greg's songs from 'the wrong side...' and made them syberite songs, like 'a bit of nonsense', 'our dope song', 'starbuck weener' and 'the wrong side...'.
   5-27-77 You little Girls written,
   first mention of Syberite in gregs notebook. 
   1977 greg buys his first guitar from george g.w. smith, he also buys a van from g.w. to use as a band van,
   6-77 I'm so Sorry and You're gonna Die written.
   SUMMER / FALL 1977 bruce, jim and greg start jamming in a corn crib outside of franklin grove on a farm owned by greg's parents, later jeff snow brings his drum set out and mitch ? brings his lead guitar out for some early recordings, 'our dope song' was originally a country song but bruce and jeff kept speeding it up, rich davenport, skeeter ?, and a few others jam that fall.
   jim said 'one day greg's dad came out to the barn with his guitar, greg and bruce went inside the house to listen to a tape, i always liked mr. stomberg and had fond memories of him at the can plant but that night we went nowhere.'
   9-77 greg starts work at offset prep service., \
   summer 77 o story at r.e.
   FALL RECORDINGS 1; the barnyard tapes; with bruce, jim, greg with help from jeff snow and mitch ?, on an old reel to reel; the art of time 1,2,3,4, rocky mountain way, fuzz noises bad, rocky mountain way (joe walsh), our dope song, space song, drums, space.
   1977 joan currier writes 'brother'. ,
   FALL RECORDINGS 2; from a cassette tape with bruce, jim, and greg, you're gonna die someday 1,2, bass and guitar, feedback licks, tuning, talk, bass and guitar, starjam feedback, electric jam, licks, sweet leaf (black sabbath), starjam runs, starbuck weener, retro fuzzy jam, electric jam. 
   8-77 Perseids meteor shower, manager mike watches band practice and they all watch the meteor shower,
   Myrtle the haunted house and the pissing tree (bruce and greg stay in a haunted house all night),
   ufo hunting,
   hiking the springs and the woods near franklin creek and whipples cave,
   a talk with the potato head gods,
   ashton, rochelle, dixon, gravel roads,
   carlos castaneda adventures,
   chapman ghost spirits,
   10-77 Who will still Love You, the Ritual of Ra, A much more Wiser Fly and the Rise and fall of the American Civilization are all written.
   11-77 first mention of Kaamo Seer of Secrets booklet.
   WINTER bruce, greg and jim move the band to a trailer in dixon where the trio records their finest work.
   RECORDINGS 3 with bruce, jim, and greg on reel to reel: the art of time, the ritual of ra, the art of time, the ritual of ra, messing around, space, art of time, a bit of nonsense, polish polka, our dope song, soul, ritual of ra, hold me, well fxck you all, stargazers, art, stargazers, our dope song, ritual of ra.
   'welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly, a hookah for your problems and some acid for your eye', i wrote that after consuming almost an entire bottle of whiskey, greeg thought it was cool enough to put in one of his books'. jim. 
   RECORDINGS 4 bruce, jim, greg on the old reel to reel; bit of nonsense, you little girls, art of time, this was the first jam that greg played his acoustic guitar.
   1978 KAAMO, SEER OF SECRETS, greg's second poetry book edited by bruce, is released. Kaamo has the following syberite songs 'the art of time', 'you little girls (you're so old)', 'i'm so sorry', 'stargazers', godcheaters', 'you're gonna die', and two more verses for 'starbuck weener'.jim has his poem 'a much more wiser fly' published along with bruce's 'the rise and fall of the american civilization'.
   RECORDINGS 5 with bruce, jim, and greg on reel to reel; who will still love you, dream, i'm so sorry, nonsense, light my fire, who will still love you, nonsense.
   1-78 a story, 2 rolls b and w film, 12 photos each.
   4-78 'eve' from greg is published in 'lyrical voices' a poetry book from young publications.
   RECORDING 6 the last one from bruce, jim and greg, on reel to reel; who will still love you, you little girls, art of time, nonsense, i'm so sorry, dirge, lost time, ritual of ra, space/soul.
    6-78 rita singleton marries mike boye, greg is the only member at the wedding.
    Unrecorded unpublished songs; bruce's 'destiny', greg's 'jamming',  joan currier's 'brother', and 'syberite'.
   7-11 florida, 7-14, tues, fri, fri, sun, thurs, mon.
   bruce, jim, and junior head to new orleans for the first time, selling blood to get gas money, bruce actually got saved and joined a cult of christians in blytheville, ar. and got left behind.
   junior and jim moved on to florida with 2 ex cons they picked up hitch hiking and ended up picking oranges, see the eye of hurricane fredrick coming?
   jim ends up back in rockford, il.
    9-78 the first annual trips festival in franklin grove, at lovers leap.
   10-78 THE FIRST ANNUAL TRIPS FESTIVAL, 12 page half size booklet found typed by greg, very rare, only a dozen copies sent out.
   10-78 a story
   12-78 sp and a photos, rick wulf photos
   late '78 xmas, a story with tom and trent 
   12/78 jim and greg jam when jim comes up for christmas, there are pictures of this jam.
   1977-1978 SYBERITE, 16 page mini size booklet with art, songs, song list.
   1977-1978 TRANSISTORIZED HUMAN CELLULOIDS 12 page 1/2 page size digest of a story from greg found typed years later.
   1/79 greg, mitch and jeff get together to record 'the art of time', 'nonsense' and 'i'm so sorry'.
   EARLY '79 a recording greg records, with sound effects; the poems 'stargazers', 'nonsense', 'i'm so sorry', 'the wrong side...',' who will still love you', 'and now', 'godcheaters', and 'time' on the reel to reel.
   4-79 a visions photos with randy mullins
   SUMMER 1979 bruce and john schwitters come up to franklin for vacation and are photographed with greg jamming with the great g. w. smith.
   summer 1979 there were a bunch of silent 8mm movies shot by greg and bob swartz around franklin grove with phil, alice, barb, wulf, stein, the outlaw boys and more.
   The second annual festival in franklin grove, held at the smith house, with kegs of beer and a hog roast and stolen trucks and arrests.
   labor day 1979 greg and g.w. smith record greg's song 'drink that beer', among other songs.
   greg moves to oregon, il. 
   10-79 a autumn on parade photos with wulf and newlyweds, greg's face is painted.
   1979 halloween greg shoots a silent 8mm movie with the oregon bible college girls at stronghold castle in oregon.
   from 11-78 to 11-79 greg wrote nothing in his notebooks, his next entry is from s 2nd st., in oregon, il.
   11-79 a writings
   11-79 a
   'you've really changed since we moved to oregon.' rick wulf to greg.
   12-79 a writings
   12-79 a writings
   12-79 jim comes up for christmas but misses greg and stays at bruce and joan's.
   1979 YEAR OF THE PARTY 32 page 1/4 page size mini of the infamous partiers from 1979
   1979 PART TWO 32 page mini photo booklet of party photos.
   1979 G.W. SMITH best of hour cassette of the jam with greg and don stomberg.
   1978-1979 SENDOUTS, 16 pages of poetry from the late '70s found typed by greg,
    1980 bruce and john to MS to see jim, stays for a week or so and disappear as quickly as they came.
   1-80 a chicago story 2 photos showing mike beach and greg and the bread truck they took
   1-80 a story bob's demo car, with gary lohse and greg
   a story with greg, link wulf, chris bartlett and mike to blackhawk on the ice, there are photos of this hike.
   2-29-80 a woods chime story, with mike beach and greg
   3-80 a
   next day a
   greg taking music lessons from pete springs.
   3-28 a deb davis keg party with greg and oregon partiers
   3-29 a jail story with donnie and greg
   4-4 a camping story with chris bartlett, donnie, greg, and hook, there are photos of this trip
   4-11 a story
   5-3-80 a story
   5-31 franklin, a pauls party gave away 80 c
   6-16 a
   6-21 a
   7-7 a story and movie at the rock?
   9-19-80 a story, greg and mike beach shoot 2 reels of silent movie around oregon, hillarious.
   11-23 a
   11-24 a
   11-25 a
   9-80 greg meets misty a sunshine in oregon, il.
   12-80 greg, dave cook, and rick hultquist record some speed rock songs,
   12-80 a poems,
   12-80 john lennon rip.
   1980 COOK, STOMBERG, AND HULTQUIST best of the jams on an hour cassette
   1-1-81 misty moves in with greg..
   4-81 a story trip to franklin with wulf, misty, greg, and mike beach
   summer 1981 silent 8mm movie with greg and misty, chow chow, bowls, beauties.
   1981 silent 8mm movie of greg's art, cartoon and pics.
   1981 silent movie with greg and misty, donnie, dwayne, burney, at the big rock in oregon, 2 reels.
   1981 silent 8mm movie with greg and misty, todd, cartoons, red eyes, g flipping, 2 reels.
   1981 silent 8mm movie with greg and misty, donnie, hook at the big rock
   1981 silent 8mm movie with greg and misty, burney, barry, vince wright, at the big rock.
   9-11-81 mm story
   1981 slent 8mm movie with greg, misty, g.w. smith, phil, bob s, wulf, guitar paty, 2 reels.
   1981 silent movie of bob halls birthday party, with stomberg, wulf, stein, plants, more, 2 reels.
   4-4-82 a story greg and misty's wedding, pics.
   11-82 c story.
   1982 silent movie with greg, misty, cats, chow.
   1982 silent 8mm movie with greg, misty, mike beach, springs, mondays,
   1982 silent movie 8mm with greg and misty, winter, blackhawk, rock river, snowman, dam, swing flips, fence.
   12-82 bruce and jackie to oregon to see greg and misty, pics taken
   1-2-83 greg records trip.some synth music,
   1-tues.-83 1/2 a story
   1-10-83 silent 8mm movie of greg, bruce, misty and jackie dancing on monday's bridge, misty is pregnant with valerie marie, bruce okays a zeke and surf issue from greg.
   3-20-83 valerie marie is born to misty and greg.
   1984 zeke and surf 1984 special issue, art, articles, politics, poems and a seed in every issue sent out!
   4-14-84 c and a story
   6-84 a story
   6-9-84 a story, pictures with mike beach. 
   RECORDINGS 1984 bruce schwitters, greg and bruce currier record instrumental 1,2, guitar solo, instru. 3, instru. 4,5, the needle and the damage done, guitar 1,2, instru 6, the goat song,
   greg calls jim in ms then loses #,
   5-1985 Fate magazine, black panther in the franklin woods article by greg.
   6-9-84 a
   9-17-84 t story, wrote, carol nelson
   1984 silent 8mm movie of greg and misty, val, chow, east side park, swing flips, sandbox.
   9-31 t story, pictures, greg records a tape with mike beach, moved to s 5th st,
   1-5-85 a
   1-19-85 a
   1-27 mm
   fall 1985 silent movie with greg, misty, monday's bridge, todd, the springs,
   12-31 a
   1-1-86 a
   5-24 a
   6-16 a
   7-4 sp and a
   1986 silent movie of greg, misty and val at tieman's bow hunting shoot, and a fire in oregon all on one reel.
   9-29-85 'girlie burger mcfry, daughter of ronald mcfry, the wormburger king, meets boy howdy, sidekick to the shitkickin kid, while partying down at the shit city saloon, after a good drunk.' first mention of the shitkickin kid.
   10-86 greg, g.w. smith, bruce currier, carol clock and valerie marie record 'the springside (at the edge of the grove', and greg doing vocals on g.w.'s 'the franklin grove bum'. 
   1986 A History of Franklin Grove Recordings is published as a digest size 16 page booklet detailing the recording history of g.w. smith and syberite.
   1986 G.W. SMITH 16 page mini song, photo and art booklet. 
   5/1987 syberite cartoon, the music of syberite over a weird video of greg's art.
   5-87 vhs video of greg's pics, and val.
   6-87 greg and g.w. smith record 'silver city' and 'good friends are not to be forgotten'.
   7-87 greg and g.w. record 'silver city' and 'the springside' on video cassette, vhs, one of only two videos of g.w.
   10-11-87 valerie marie is on the phantom late night horror movie show on channel 13 after winning a contest, this is on vhs somewhere.
   10-23-87 the phantom late night channel 13 horror movie show shows valerie again 
   10-87 vhs video by greg of oregons autumn on parade with rick and deb.
   11-87 first mention of the shitkickin kid.
   intro to the zines, greg had access to a copy machine and very cheap copy paper and produced a number of zines over the next ten years, these zines, booklets and minis are very rare, some copies having as little as a half dozen copies printed and some had as many as 64 copies, all are sold out or given away.
   1987 G.W. SMITH 1/2 page size 32 page booklet with history, songs, photos, and art about g.w., about 64 copies made.
   1987 vhs video of val swinging, sings.
   1987 vhs video, greg shoots 'kaamo', with art, songs from syberite, 3 songs.
   1-7-88 vhs video of val and disney castle funtime movie.
   2-88 vhs video of val, art, faces, paintings.
   2-88 vhs video of greg's pictures, photos, smoke break.
   3-20-88 vhs video by greg of the beatles (?)
   3-88 OLD MILL MEMORIES 1/2 page size 32 page booklet of songs and photos, rare, about 64 copies made.
   METALSTORM COMICS SAMPLER 1/2 page size booklet with 16 pages of intros to greg's comic book heroes. 
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #1 8 page mini comic
   5-26-88 vhs video by greg, the flintstones in 3-d, didn't work?
   8-88 GRASSFIRE #2, 8 page mini comic
   9-88 THE POLTERGHOST #3 8 page mini comic
   9-88 vhs video of disneywars with greg and val.
   10-88 SYBERITE #4 8 p. mini comic 
   1988 syberite becomes comic book heroes in the shitkickin kid five issue mini series mini comics; the shitkickin kid #1, grassfire #2, the polterghost #3, syberite #4 and kaamo seer of secrets #5.
   11-88 greg re writes misty's 'eyes in the night' novel.
   11-27-88 vhs video of val's christmas songs, pics.
   12-88 KAAMO #5 8 p. mini comic
   1-89 G.W. SMITH 32 page mini 1/4 size of g.w. art, photos, songs, etc.
   1-89 TRAILS BY THE SPRING 20 page booklet of photos from franklin grove from rick wulf, randy mullins, and greg with a short walking story.
   THE FIRST ANNUAL TRIPS FESTIVAL 12 page booklet found typed from 1978, fictionalized account written again in the syberite novel
   1-89 1973-1974 fifteen winters 12 page booklet of material found typed from greg's poetry book..
   1-89 WINTERS COLD TALE OF POETRY 4 page booklet of 1973 material with 3 pics.  
   1989 publication released 1977-1978 Syberite history mini 
    1-89 SENDOUTS 1978-1979 16 page digest found typed poetry work.
   JUST SAY NO 8 page mini of the just say no campaign.
   1-24-89 ELECTROID ONE #1 busting mr big in an 8 page mini comic
   2-1 SYBERITE COMPLETE 20 page booklet with art, songs, photos,. complete.
   2-19 OLD MEMORIES 32 page mini of g.w. smith related songs, art, photos, 
   2-89 greg re writes misty's 'the polterghost' novel.,
   3-12-89 vhs video with val, greg, the werewolf, stuff, werewolf meets the monster, stuff, val the monster hunter, vals pics.
   3-12-89 vhs video of greg's drawings, paintings.
   3-19-89 vhs video of val's birthday party, robot vs disney world castle funtime movie.
   3-29 HEMPSTONED 32 page mini art, poetry, collages.
   4-89 HEMPSTONED #2 mini of more poetry, art, collages etc. from greg's vast library.
   4-8-89 vhs video of val, robie the robot
   4-8-89 vhs video of greg's art, painting.
   4-89 THE SHITKICKIN KID #2, 8 page minicomic
   4-30-89 vhs video, val swings.
   5-89 THE GEEK O ZOID #1 8 page mini comic of boy howdy's exploits.
   5-5-89 vhs video of val and wolfy, 1 and 2, snow, supergirl meets the monster, wolfman.
   6-26-89 vhs video of val and greg story.
   7-89 THE RADIOACTIVE SNOWMAN 8 page mini comic
   7-89 QUACKY QUACKY CRACK CRACKERS, 8 page mini comic.
   8-89 UNKNOWN G.W. SMITH 20 page digest of g.w. smith related art, poetry, songs, photos and more.
   9-89 greg graduates from quality first class.
   9-4-89 vhs video of val's pics, pom poms
   9-26-89 greg, g.w. and misty record 'the springside', 'rock and roll heaven and hell', 'good friends are not to be forgotten', 'a cowboy on gods highway', 'the road to tucson', 'please don't decieve me', and 'it's not hard to have a good time with an old friend'. 
   10-89 THE SONG OF THE SHITKICKIN KID , 20 page typed story from greg with art, story, songs.
   11-4-89 vhs video of val and margrette, vals pics, the monster.
   11-89 WICKER WABBIT with puffsmoke the dragontamer, 8 page mini from a story by misty typed and set up by greg.
   12-3-89 vhs video, val's disneycastle, greg, dragonwars, stuff, pics, val's ballet class.
   12-3-89 vhs video, collages by greg, great one here.
   12-21-89 greg's 'baby' art used in ben franklin ad in the ogle co. life paper.,
   1989 G,W, SMITH LIVE 1989 jam on an hour best of cassette.
   1-90 THE SHITKICKIN KID #3, 8 page mini comic from greg.
   1-14-90 vhs video of greg's collages with syberite music video
   1-14-90 val's ballet class.
   2-11-90 c story
   2-24-90 c story, vhs video of greg and misty, sal and howard
   3-24-90 vhs video of vals exercize class, pics.
   4-8 c story 
   4-90 HORROR HELL #1, 8 page mini comic from greg.
   4-90 vhs video of val as a t m ninja turtle.
   5-90 ELECTROID ONE #2, 8 page mini comic from greg. 
   6-90 SYBERITE ; sybaritic visions, best of syberite release on hour cassette from greg.
   6-90 THE SHITKICKIN KID #4, 8 page mini comic.
   6-90 greg finishes typing misty's 'eyes in the night' novel.
   7-90 SYBARITIC VISIONS, 8 page song list mini booklet.
   8-11-90 vhs video of vals tea party, fd and greg.
   1990 - 9994 GOOD DAY SUNSHINE, beatles fanzine, several letters from greg.
   9-30-90 marijuana harvest festival in madison, WI, guess who is the zeke and surf representative, with rick and bruce c.,
   10-27-90 vhs video, collages with syberite's 'you're gonna die' music.
   10-27-90 vhs video of val roller skating, pics.
   11-90 greg finishes typing misty's 'the polterghost' story.
   11-90 MONSTER RUSH #1 8 page mini comic from greg.
   12-90 HEMPSTONED #3, 12 page mini poetry art booklet.
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #6,8 page mini comic, hey, what happened to the number 5 comic?
   12-90 syberite ; poetic visions, hour tape of the new syberite recordings plus gregs recited syberite poetry.
   1-1-91 vhs video of val's pics, margarettes birthday party. 
   1-12-91 gulf war protest in rockford Il, with greg and misty representing oregon, recorded by all three news stations., 
   1-19-91 greg leads gulf war protest at courthouse in oregon, IL and gets on front page of both newspapers.,  
   1-26-91 vhs video, val skates.
   2-91 and family live, hour cassette release from greg with g.w. smith, and family band, instrus and jams plus the 1984 jam with bruce schwitters and bruce currier.
   2-91 greg graduates supervisor school.
   2-91 BEST OF G.W. SMITH, 30 min cassette from greg.
   2-10-91 greg and g.w. and misty record her 'blowing in the wind' song and two version of the beatles 'let it be' for greg's underground beatle songs project.
   SPACE OCEAN debut 30 min cassette from greg and valerie marie.
   3-91 ZEKE AND SURF special 8 page mini, infamous nazi pig cover beating rodney king in la, pot, more, the national flagburner issue.
   5-5-91 vhs video of val jumping rope.
   5-91 THE SHITKICKIN KID #7 8 page mini comic that ends the boy howdy saga.
   6-91 RIDE THE WAVES OF TIME 30 min cassette from space ocean.
   6-91 COLLAGES #1 12 Page mini booklet of collages from greg.
   6-91 METAL THUNDER #1 DO SOMETHING issue, 8 page full size underground zeke and surf reprint special, with a seed in every issue, only about 30 copies printed and mailed.
   6-91 THE TARD MONKEY #1 8 page mini comic.
   1991 metal thunder #1 underground newspaper reprints zeke and surf 1976 articles. 'do something' headline.
   zeke and surf special 1991 mini issue 'law and order in l.a.' with nazi pigs on the cover beating rodney king, subtitled 'the national flagburner'.
   dixon evening telegraph letter from greg 'who can march?' war propaganda letter.
   6-91 AS WE LIVE WE DIE 30 min cassette from space ocean.
   7-91 SPACE OCEAN ; BEST hour cassette of the best of the space o jams.
   7-91 metalstorm, hour comp tape from greg with the best of all his bands like g.w., dave cook and hultquist, syberite, and family.
    7-91 syberite ; the lost tape, the broken 1977 cassette is fixed and duped.
   10-91 syberite ; live loud, hour cassette of new syberite recordings and space ocean tunes.
   8-19-91 ogle county life letter 'believes pow's exist' letter from greg, well, of course we left them behind in laos. cambodia, etc., 
   8-28-91 chow chow rip.
   10-91 G.W. SMITH ; BOOTLEG COUNTRY hour cassette of the best of g.w. doing songs by other people.
   10-91 SYBERITE 5 page standard song list and art.
   10-21 THE SHITKICKIN KID #8, 8 page mini comic
   11-3-91 vhs video, greg and music, reverse color, psychedelic video.
   11-23-91 vhs video of greg's pics.
   11-24 THE SPRING AT THE EDGE OF THE GROVE 40 page mini book of songs, art and photos from g.w. smith. gregs biggest mini book yet, about 40 copies printed.
   11-26-91 vhs video of the shitkickin kid art, collages, and more artwork with music.
   12-91 the very first underground beatles song cassette release from greg with vic mingovits, eric hausmann, dave schall, tony boise, ancient chinese secret and space ocean.
   1991 syberite songs recorded by greg stomberg; 3-4 the art of time, godcheaters, 4-20 stargazers, you're gonna die. 4-27 destiny.,
   1-1992 ELECTROID ONE #3 8 page mini.
   2-92 THE SHITKICKIN KID #8 1/2, 8 page mini song issue.
   1992 MAXIMUM TRAFFIC vol 2 #11, comics zine, has some shitkickin kid art from greg.
   1992 Maximum Traffic magazine vol 3 #1 has greg's shitkickin kid art.,
   1992 MOST HATED FOODS, cookbook from dyslexia has greg's list (saurkraut, rocky mountain oysters, cow tongue, monkey brains and human flesh) .
   EAR OF CORN magazine , may, has interview with g. stomberg about syberite, g.w. smith and family, marijuana and music.
   1-92 THEE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT, comp sound collage from thomas sutter and his green lion audio theatre, has some crazy synth playing from greg.
   1992 WE SUCK WORSE, tribute to sockeye,comp tape from tony boise, , has five songs from greg ''peace is dumb', 'fxck you dude', 'pave the earth', 'shut your fxcking mouth', and 'carded'.
   3-92 THE SHITKICKIN KID #9 8 page mini
   HEMPSTONED #4 12 Page mini with art, songs etc.
   5-92 MONSTER RUSH #2 8 page mini comic
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #10 8 page mini.
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #11 8 page mini comic.  
   7-92 jar art project from dyslexia has some of greg's dirt in a jar.
   'if bush only had a brain' cassette release from greg for doctor demento.
   10-92 abc club, beatles fanzine, mentions gregs under ground beatles song project and plays his version of 'rev. #9'.
   10-8-92 vhs video of greg and val's tae kwon do forms.
   11-92 ogle county life letter from greg 'thank god clinton elected'.
   12-92 dr demento radio show plays greg's 'let's have a scary christmas'.
   1992 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape from greg with elliot alien ideas, david dziubczynski, micky saunders, ron cormier, tony boise, dave schall, space ocean, g.w. smith, rubber soul. 
   1-93 THE SHITKICKIN KID #12 8 page mini comic
   4-3-1993 pop done et himself, comp tape from tony boise has greg's 'shut your fxcking mouth'.
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #13 8 page mini comic.
   6-93 THE SHITKICKIN KID  #14, 8 page mini comic
   8-5-93 no dubs from spilling audio comp tape has greg's 'i like the silence'.
   the worst songs of all time, comp tape from russ stedman's jovial milkman music, has greg's silly version of 'stairway to heaven'.
   10-93 THE SHITKICKIN KID #15, 8 page mini comic review of past issues.
   11-93 ccs closes in oregon, 75 jobs lost.
   1993 greg becomes orange belt in tae kwon do class by  master bob krug.
   12-93 the peterson mixes, comp tape sound collage from jared peterson has unrecognizable synth peices from greg mixed in with other noise bands.
   1993 SYBERITE songs recorded by g. stomberg ; 12-2 starbuck weener, stargazers, nonsense, you little girls, 12-3 the wrong side.
   UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with russ stedman, ken clinger, micky saunders, tom furgas, ken doolittle, ub das, dan susnara, bryan kieser, elliot alien ideas,  
   3-94 THE SHITKICKIN KID #16, 8 page mini comic with the kid's three wishes  from the genie in the whiskey bottle.
   3-94 THE SHITKICKIN KID #17, 8 page mini comic
   1994 songs recorded by g. stomberg; 1-1 stargazers, starbuck weener, 1-28 starbuck weener, 3-16 starbuck weener, 4-25 the art of time.,
   2-94 darrin smith r.i.p.., 
   1994 IMPP radio show plays greg's 'i like the silence'.,
   2-94 Exquisite Corpse from askalice comp tape has syberite's 'starbuck weener' and 'stargazers'  and 'instant sanity' as recorded by g.s.,
   2-94 por madre comp tape from umm recordings has greg's 'mothers new world order' and g.w. smith's 'take care of mother'.,
   2-94 david dziubczynski records 'the shitkickin kid'., 
   pascal crut records the shitkickin kid'.,
   tony boise records 'soft lullabies'.,
    volkswhale records 'the shitkickin kid'.,
   2-6-94 jack kirby rip.,
   3-23-94 vhs video, val and the monster.
   3-94 fed, comp tape from pandora's lunch box has greg's 'shut your fxcking mouth' on it.,
   3-94 KKUP radio show from don campau plays greg's 'lbj' shot jfk parody and the clinton parody wizard of oz song 'if i only had inhaled' and mentions the underground beatle songs project..,
   4-94 KCX.17 comp tape from ken clinger ( )  has his version of 'the art of time' on it and the g.w. smith inspired 'silver city'.
   spring '94 greg graduates wordperfect computer class.,
   4-94 BOY HOWDY #1, 8 page mini comic about the shitkickin kids sidekick, boy howdy.
   5-94 greg works at cia front bacon's information inc. in rockford.,
   1994 songs from the postman, comp tape from ask alice has greg's 'lbj' parody on it.,
    6-2-94 BEAK sound collage collab tape from bryan kieser has about 17 minutes of synth madness from greg on it., 
   7-94 KKUP don campau plays g.w. smith's 'little things'.,
   9-94 soot rip.,
   9-94 greg starts work at alpha omega in mt morris.
   9-94 the shitkickin kid #18, 8 PAGE ALL CONTRIBUTOR ISSUE
   10-94 THE SHITKICKIN KID #19, 8 page mini all contrib issue. 
   10-94 donnie stomberg marries deb d. .,
   10-94 rick and deb b. divorced.,
   10-94 A TRIBUTE TO LISA SUCKDOG, comp tape from nut music has greg doing his version of 'suckdog medleys'.
   UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with c reider, clinger, ken miller, don campau, switch, david dz., dan susnara, saunders, adam gorightly, j. p. hansen, belltles.
   1994 space ocean ; best, release from greg.  
   1-95 beak 2 comp tape from bryan kieser has some synth madness sound collage sounds from greg.
   2-95 THE CASTANEDA READER #1, MAIL ART issue of carlos followers, and explains how bruce turned greg onto castaneda's work.
   1995 The Dark behind the Stars comp tape from epitapes has syberite performing 'sweet leaf' on it. 
      BIL KEANE WATCH, fanzine from city limits gazzette vol 5 has two letters from greg.
   3-95 BEATLES MAIL ART #1, 8 page mini mail art project from greg.
   3-95 BOY HOWDY #2, 8 page mini mail art contrib issue of who shot jfk.
   the shitkickin kid #20, 8 PAGE mini where the kid goes to hell.
    7-95 DEATH BY CORPORATION, from arg zine, lists greg's worst jobs ever.
    1995 ZEN ART, book from dyslexia has greg's worst postal story ever.
   THE MONGLOID MOOSE 1995 has a letter from greg.
   Songs recorded 1995 by greg ; 8-20 the arts of time (syberite and ken clinger mix), the art of beak two time (clinger, stomberg, bryan kieser mix), this mix was converted to cd by ken clinger.,.
   8-95 covet thy neighbors ass, comp tape from wheelchair music has greg's version of 'eeyore medley', 'song titles', and 'shut your fxcking mouth', this cd is now available from nut music at
   12-95 ken clinger releases 'the art of beak two time' on his release cd  KCOLLAB.04
   UNDERGROUND BEATLES SONGS tape with jon cunningham, saunders, yeast, clinger, retardos, michael hansen, susnara, paul kriederman, grebmots, stomberg, space ocean
   THE SHITKICKIN KID comp tape from greg with ken clinger, g.w. smith, tony boies, syberite, space ocean and more.
   12-95 thru 2-96 BEATLES MAIL ART #2 - #6 , 8 PAGE MIN ART PROJECT, LAST ISSUES.
   2-96 THE CASTANEDA READER #2, 8 page mini to carlos.
   2-96 THE SHITKICKIN KID #21, 8 page mini comic.
      recordings 1996 from greg ; 1-31 nonsense, the art of time, 7-15 stargazers.
      4-17-96 sp
     8-1996 COMBO  has greg's collage art card of the lion king, beavis and butthead.,
   1996 greg writes the syberite novel 'a baby boomers fall' handwritten in two notebooks,
   1996 volkswhale records greg's the shitkickin kid'.
   10-96 ogle county life letter from greg 'defends president clinton' re election bid.
    1996 OLD MOTHER BLENDER, $5 comp tape from k.d. schmitz, pob 1806, pokeepsie, ny 12601, with 'the art of time', 'silver city', 'nonsense', and 'the shitkickin kid'. order now, still available and this is a pretty cool tape,
   UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with moonflower, clinger, k d schmitz, saunders, susnara, the stoopids. 
   1997 greg re writes the syberite novel 'a baby boomers fall (fall, winter, spring)' in three notebooks,.
   4-97 COMBO #27 has disney DC amalgam art from greg.
   4-97 THE JACK KIRBY ANTHOLOGY, #1 thru #8, full size articles, art etc. about jack kirby the king of comics, originals to these were sold on ebay.
    4-97 THE JACK KIRBY AMALGAMS #1 8 page mini comic
    6-97 COMBO #29 has spawn art from greg.,
   7-97  COMBO #30 has jack kirby tribute poem by greg on it. ,
   8-3-97 greg's fear and loathing in las vegas with fd.,
   11-97 combo #34 has fantasy art death dealer from greg in it.,
   1997 empire records 'let's have a scary christmas', 'silver city', and 'where the wind blows'.,
   1997 cathy grant records greg's 'soft lullabies'.
   UNDERGROUND BEATLES SONGS tape with clinger, saunders, space ocean, five beat fans 
    2-1998 THE PEOPLE'S COMIC BOOK NEWSLETTER has the begining of three new comic strips from greg concerning the shitkickin kid crossover.
   1999 finished typing the syberite novel 'a baby boomers fall',
   UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with saunders, clinger, stomberg.
   william carlisle draws some pictures for the shitkickin kid and draws jim and greg.
   jim finds greg on the internet thru a g.w. smith review.
   'it's funny how things come around, i built this computer myself, got on the internet and found an address on a music review for g.w. smith and family, perhaps we will re unite via modem.' jim at p and m refridgeration.
   1999 appleman's rv  'apple' art by greg in wheelers rv guide book.
   2-99 THE CASTANEDA READER #3, 8 page mini tribute 
   SYBERITE, a 20 p. 1/4 size book release with photos released, jim has these all scanned.
    8-99 Syberite photos 2, 20 p 1/4 size mini photo book released, jim has these photos scanned,
   jim forms his computer band k6-4
   9-99 Songs of Sybeite, 1/2 page size 24 p songbook with lyrics.
   jim writes 'cyberite',
   greg writes 'ballad of syberite', 'from syberite to cyberspace' and they both collab write 'syberite 2000'.
   Songs recorded by g. stomberg; 5-22 a wiser fly, rise and fall, brother, being a toad, 5-28 wiser fly, rise and fall, brother, 5-29 ballad of syberite, cyberite, ballad, cyberite, godcheaters, 5-30 ballad, cyberite, 6-13 brother, wiser fly, rise and fall, destiny, 7-4 starbuck weener, 7-5 starbuck weener, 7-9 godcheaters, 7-10 stargazers, 7-11 ritual of ra, the wrong side, and now, wrong side, 7-14 ritual, well fxck you all, 7-16 i'm so sorry, 8-8 i'm so sorry, 9-12 from syberite, ballad, rise and fall, wiser fly, 10-4 godcheaters, wrong side, and now, 10-8 stargazers, 11-20 from syberite, 12-4 from syberite, 12-25 you're gonna die, stargazers, syberite 2000.
   9-26-99 don campau kkup plays 'ballad of syberite' on his radio show,
   10-27 don campau plays 'ballad of syberite' again.
   12-99 greg and val watch a square cloud. 
   12-99 RED MOON magazine has greg's jack kirby tribute in it.
   jims band k6-4 breaks up.
   ARF NIKS , comp tape from k.d. schmitz, pob 1806, pokeeepsie ny 12601 has k.d. doing the shitkickin kids 'boy howdy'. order now, still available and this is a cool tape,
   1999 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape from greg, with jim hauser, k-64, dan susnara, david dziubczynski, craig collandro, russ stedman and don campau. 
   1-2000 SYBERITE ; THE REVIEWS, 8 page mini of reviews from various places.  
   publications released 2000 1-1-2000 zeke and surf 2000 mini size digest with focus on syberite,
   11-000 syberite's 'after the fall' epilogue is finished,
   'the dust behind me' g.w. smith novel is finished by greg.,
    2-2000 RED MOON magazine has greg's 'vampire's and 'red moon rising'.,
   4-00 jim said ' new millenium contains a riff that bruce and i used to play, possibly before we even met greg, if you listen you can hear the classic syberite bass following the guitar, when i sequenced the riff and sent it to rob and ivan of k6-4 this is what i got back.'
   5-2000 RED MOON magazine has greg's 'ghostly red moon' and 'monsters in the closet'.
   1-2000 KCOLLAB.15 from ken clinger, has gregs 'i like the silence'.
   10-00 dan susnara records the song 'stargazers' for his one hangdog' cassette release.
   jim writes 'chains' and 'humble clothe'.
   recordings from jim hauser 2000 7-00 red moon, monsters in the closet, tommy and the beast, the art of time, 4-00 new millenium .
    jim starts writing 'the canty street papers' that greg turns into the adam g-214 rock opera.
   songs recorded by greg 2000 2-12 wiser fly, our dope song, 2-13 who will still love you. ballad, 2-15 wiser fly, well fxck you all, cyberite, stargazers, 2-18 rise and fall, 4-1 tommy and the beast, 6-2 syberite knight, 6-4 syberite knight, tommy, 6-14 tommy, 7-22 adam g-214, 8-1 adam, syberite knight, 9-6 adam, 10-29 syberite knight, 11-5 chains, humble clothe,.
   10-2000 ONE HANGDOG, comp tape from dan susnara, 7806 s kilpatrick, chicago IL 60652, ,$5, great tape from dan, has 'stargazers' and 'old mill road' on it, you can still order, copies still available and this is one great tape.
   UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS 2000 tape with c. goff, jim hauser, 
   12-00 greg re writes his 'circe' novel. 
   2001 songs recorded by g. stomberg 2001; 1-6 syberite, our dope song, 3-31 adam g-214, 4-11 syberite 2000, 4-13 utopia's garden, 4-16 utopia's garden, 7-1 godcheaters, 7-4 being a toad, 7-7 adam.
   3-01 THE SHITKICKIN KID #22 8 page mini comic.
   THE SHITKICKIN KID #23 8 page mini comic wraps up the kid's legend.
   THE SHITKICKIN KID AND OTHER TALES all the mini comics are collected in one volume. jim hauser and trent smith each get a copy.
   9-28-01 g.w. smith rip.
   11-29-01 george harrison rip.
   11-22-01 greg becomes a tarot card reader for the psychic network ext. 48958 (no longer in service).,
   2001 Pine Creek Recollection, large paperback book from mary jane shoemaker, 507 w first st., mt morris il 61054, write for price, she still has copies, chronicles the life of lela mae stomberg and ogle county from 1901 on.
   2001 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS with susnara, clinger  
   2002 publications released Songs of Syberite 16page 1/2 size digest of all syberite song lyrics.
   1-2002 TIME TRAVELER AND ASSOCIATION, comp cd from ken clinger is a best of collection with greg's 'treasure on the blue moon'.,
   4-02 dave vogeler has a few sybarite stories to tell, plus he has zeke and surf experience, finds the z+s website. 
   4-02 bruce finds jim and greg on the internet thanks to website,
   bruce 'i googled myself and came up with the zeke and surf website, what a surprize!' 
   songs recorded by g. stomberg 2002 ; 6-1 adam, adam g-214, 7-20 adam, godcheaters, time, and now, 7-21 mixed kc's adam songs with 3 different adam songs, 7-27 adam, adam g-214, 8-3 thinking., 9-19 adam g-214, war pigs,12-2 thinking, adam g-214.  
   8-10 dan susnara vacations in oregon with greg, nothing recorded tho, darn.
   8-02 STOMBERG ; BEST 90 min cassette of other musicians doing greg's songs, remade in 2005.
   9-02 greg laid off of alpha omega.,
   9-02 greg bunger shot to death by dixon police.
    9-02 theresa wulf dies.
   10-02 micky saunders records 'nonsense' and 'soft lullabies' from greg.
   5-02 HOMECOMINGS poetry hardcover book from illiad publishing has greg's 'mermaids on mars' poem.,
   2002-2004 ROCK RIVER TIMES, several letters and two editorial cartoons from greg.
   TOO CHUBBY FOR BALLET, $5 comp tape from dan susnara, , sound collage from the smirking herbert, has 'mermaids from mars' on it from the adam rock opera, still available so order now.
   2002 G'Wan, $5 comp tape from dan susnara, 7806 s kilpatrick, chicago IL 60652 great tape from dan has 'the franklin grove bum' on it from g.w. smith, he still has copies so order now.
   7-20-02 greg graduates advanced hi sing tae chi class by master andy gremba.
   10-02 SYBERITE; BEST OF, 90 min cassette release from greg with old and new syberite songs,
   2002 jim gets a complete collection of syberite recordings.
   2002 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with don campau, ken clinger, m saunders, dan susnara.
   1-2003 G.W. SMITH BEST OF, 90 min cassette release from greg has the bruce, greg, and bruce currier jam from 1985 on it,  this tape was converted into the two cd set.
   2-03, 2-19,2-21,2-24 c
   2-23-03 ken clinger records 'adam',
   early 2003 greg graduates from tae chi chuan class by master bruce brei.
    2-2003 CLINGER STOMBERG, $5 CD collab from ken clinger, , best of stomberg and clinger tunes, great cd, buy it now, copies still available.
   2-24-03 greg writes 'rush'.
   2-25, 2-26, 3-1, 3-3, 3-4,3-5, 3-6, 3-8, 3-12, 3-19, 3-21, 3-23, 3-25, 3-27, 3-28 c
   3-28-03 greg writes new 'kaamo'.
   2003 dan susnara records 'adam g-214', 'utopia's garden', bust, and 'adam' for his own ADAM 2073 A.D.  release.
   2003 ken clinger's cd release Bovines Greatest Hits Vol. 3, , has his version of the 'art of time' on it.
   3-30, 4-2, 4-4, 4-5, 4-8, 4-10, 4-11, 4-19, 4-21, 4-23, 4-24, 4-29, 5-2, c
   5-03 g.w. smith volume one cd release
   G.W. Smith Vol 2 CD release has the 1984 jam from bruce, greg and bruce currier 'goatsong' on it.
   4-5-03 greg writes 'kaamo speaks'.
   5-03 rock river times letter from greg 'you're free, but..' anti patriot act letter.
    5-03 #1
   5-3, 5-6, 5-9, 5-15, 5-21, 5-26, 6-03, c
   6-2003 CD release from greg: ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D., track one ; adam g-214, utopia's garden, bust, ask, utopia's garden, thinking, adam, adam, 2073 a.d., ask, epilogue.
   6-16, 6-17, 6-18, 6-26, 6-27, 7-2, c
   greg paints his psychedelic 'syberite' painting
   7-03 rock river times letter from greg 'why ban ephedrine?' alcohol and tobacco are a lot worse.
   8-9, 8-14, 8-15, 8-29, 8-30, c
   9-03 greg back at crest foods
   9-5, 9-15, 9-21, 9-03, 10-1, 11-27, 12-12, 12-19, c
   10-03 the mostest wisest fly written by greg as a sequel to jims a much more wiser fly.
   12-03 ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. comp rock opera tape from dan susnara, , or 7806 s. kilpatrick, chicago il 60652, $5,songs from the rock opera with dan susnara, ken clinger, and g. stomberg., order now he still has copies.
   12-03 syberite cd release with 2 tracks, one is the syberite tribute and the other is the shitkickin kid tribute with artists clinger, susnara, saunders, k d schmitz, david dz, volkswhale, and even a 1977 syberite song.
   2003 dan susnara releases his 'esso bo peepa' with oregons blackhawk statue cover on it.
   2003 bruce gets a complete collection of syberite recordings.
   2003 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with susnara and stomberg.
   2003 jim hauser, rick wulf, and trent smith all get a copy of the g.w. smith book.  
   1-2004 greg releases his first 60 min cassette of ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. version,
    2-04 david dziubczynski records greg's 'adam g-', 'utopia', 'empty dragons', 'the ledge' and 'the hand'.
   2-16-04 c story
   4-2004 ADAM G-214, PART TWO cd with micky saunders, dan susnara, ken clinger, david dz., and c. goff. track one ; adam g-214, utopia, sea dogs, nonsense, 1984, the ledge, thinking, 1984, the hand, time, the machines, cerebral.
   .5-04 CD release; ADAM G-214 PART 3,  cd with susnara, goff, saunders, clinger,and david dz., 
   6-18-04 #2, letter from val recieved greg and misty move to MO,
   8-04 don campau records 'adam' from the rock opera.,
   9-30 #3 greg in bad accident,
   2004 THE OBSERVER, newspaper prints adam cd info.
    2004-2005 BLOGS search moore stomberg for blog copies.
   4-04 al smith gets a complete collection of syberite recordings.
   11-04 greg and misty move to ballpark road,
   2004 BACTERIAL CULTURE, CD, $5, from c. goff, pob 146, lawrence ks 66044 has his version of 'utopia' and '1984' from the adam rock opera, order now, he still has copies and this is a great cd.
   2004 UNDERGROUND BEATLE SONGS tape with campau, clinger, susnara, saunders, goff, space ocean , david dz, and the return of the 2 g.w. smith versions of 'let it be'.  
   2005 greg releases his two 90 min cassette release of the adam g-214 rock opera complete with alternate takes.
   cassette release 2005 Picture of Madness, 90 min tape, out of 97 songs there's a few syberite songs from greg's collection, this is a solo space ocean tape,
   The Shitkickin Kid 90 min cassette from greg has 'syberite' from dan susnara, and jim's recordings of greg's 'ghostly red moon' and 'monsters', plus lots of guest artists singing about the kid. 
    Stomberg -Best 90 min comp tape from greg has 'stargazers' from dan susnara, ken clinger's 'the art of time' and more in a new remix of stomberg songs.
   And Family tribute to G.W. Smith 90 min comp tape from greg has the 1985 jam with greg, bruce and bruce currier plus lots of bands playing tribute to the great g.w. smith.
   Syberite Retro 90 min tape from greg stomberg, rr3 box 167n, doniphan, mo 63935, copies still available has the best of the 1977-1978 recordings on it, with only bruce , greg, and jim.
   Syberite Knight 90 min comp cassette from greg has all new versions of syberite songs from micky saunders, kc, susnara, hauser and more. 
   2005 cassette release : THE WRONG SIDE, from greg stomberg, 90 min tape of poetry from 1973-'78 sybarite being read.
   2005 Cassette release; KAAMO TO SYBERITE, another 90 min cassette of poetry reading from greg has the 1977-78 material.
   3-05 the pope is a nazi, if this isn't zeke and surf material i don't know what is!
   3-05 G.W. SMITH VOL ONE 90 min cassette not to be confused with the vol one cd release
   3-05 G.W. SMITH VOL TWO 90 min cassette
   G.W. SMITH VOL THREE, 90 min cassette release.
   4-05 SEND OUTS 90 min cassette poetry reading from greg of 1978-79.
   4-2005 CD release; ADAM G-214 EPILOGUE, cd with clinger, susnara, saunders, syberite, tony boies, cathy grant,
   1991-1994 90 min cassette of poetry.
   5-22-05 a o ,  
   6-12-05 KKUP don campau's radio show plays bruce's 'the rise and fall of the american civilization.'.,
   6-16-05 1994-2003 90 minute cassette release of greg's poetry from that period.
   7-5-05 2003 90 minute cassette of poetry readings from greg's 2003 notebook.
   7-15-05 4-2003 - 8-04 90 minute cassette of poetry readings.
   PAPOOSE, comp tape from dan susnara, $5, has 'brother' from joan currier and 'laws' both from the adam g-214 rock opera order now, dan still has copies and this is a great tape.
   7-05 WHERE'S THE WATER, $5 CD from don campau, pob 9162, santa rosa, ca 95405, great comp cd from don at his best ever! order now, this one has his version of 'adam' from the rock opera, well worth the money, hard rockin!. 
    6-05 SAUNDERS STOMBERG, CD, $5, from micky saunders, pob 1749, chino hills ca 91709, 3 song collab from micky with 'nonsense', 'lullabies' and midnight dragons' this is a really cool cd so order now, she still has copies.
   6-05 greg writes 'syberite',
   7-21-05 greg writes 'kaamo acts',
    7-05 don campau KKUP plays a couple songs from the 'picture of madness' cassette.
   8-14-05 dan susnara and greg stomberg record 'but you haven't', difficulties, 'winds', thunder, 'our dope song', banana splits, 'justice', derived from devo, cosmik loop, 'lost', 'silent minds', bush, instru crow, 'roll up one', mary jo anna, childlike tune thing, 'the woods', 'cares', insects, the easter mummy bunnies, slow, 3 dan originals, 6 greg poems and 7 instrumentals with a couple talking and public service announcements, with dan mostly on synth and greg mostly on percussion and vocals, most of this jam ended up on the cassette below.
   8-05 SUSNARA STOMBERG 90 minute cassette from g. stomberg, rr3 box 167n, doniphan, mo 63935, , or dan susnara, 7806 s kilpatrick, chicago il 60652, , a best of susnara stomberg collabs with some of the new jams thrown in for filler. order now. 
   8-27-05 dan susnara mentions greg and his underground beatle songs project on wrfl fm, lexington, ky radio show with clay gaunce.
   9-05 gregs review of 'six with pix' from c. goff published on the taped rugs website,
   9-05 katrina washes jim away?
   9-05 rick wulf gets a complete 9 cassette collection of all gregs poetry works.
   10-05 WE SUCK WORSE a tribute to sockeye, from nut music is now released on cd, new, order now, email at , tony boies, pob 505, ladysmith, va 22501, has a couple songs from greg, search tony boies for his website.
   COVET THY NEIGHBORS ASS, new cd from nut music, eeyore power tool tribute cd, with greg's songs, info at , has a couple songs from greg, check tony boies nut music website
   10-05 jim back in pascagoula flood zone cleaning up himself.
   10-05 greg's review of c. goff's cd 'beaten and pureed' cd is now on the taped rugs website, in greg's own handwriting.
   11-14 don campau kkup plays 'ballad of syberite' and 'syberite knight' on his radio show.
   11-05 ADAM G-214 new cd release with vol one and vol two now on cd, only $7, now the official version from
   11-25-05 valerie marie has 'conner'
   11-29-05 turtle rip
   12-11-05 carl johnson rip. greg said 'he was really a great guy, he bought a lot of beer for a lot minors, myself and my brothers included.'
   greg writes 'the begining' syberite song.
   syberite songs recorded by greg in 2005 ; 2-22-05 1977 a bunch, 2-24 1973-1976, 2-25 1973-1977, 2-27 1977 syberite, 3-16 the wrong side booklet complete,8-14 with dan susnara our dope song, 8-11 the art of brother, the art of old mill road, stargazers time, die lullabies, adam's laws, 1-17 the art of beak to adam, nonsense beak art, the art of 1984, ask utopia, sea dogs thinking.
   1-2006 roger church rip.
   1-22-06 conner wayne grace rip, val and wes' baby.
   1-22-06 don campau kkup plays 'attention' from the rock opera and 'justice' from greg and dan susnara's jam.
   1-2006 cd release from greg ; ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. PART FOUR, with ken clinger, micky saunders, dan susnara, c. goff, and don campau, produced by ken clinger, with 10 songs on one track this finishes the five cd set, with ; intro - zoo hand - 1984 - laws - laws - empty dragons - adam - tell me midnight - brother - for adam.
   2-15-06 wcsb 89.3 fm cleveland interview with greg about the underground beatle songs project, awesome!
   2-06 CAT, 90 min cassette from greg, not commercially available, , 19 songs from 8 different recording sessions from 1979 to 2003, the most zonked out tape you will ever hear.
   6-06 new downloads available ; has a 'stomberg' 3 song page with the songs thinking, mermaids on mars, and blue moon. has a new syberite page with six songs from stomberg, clinger, and susnara. check it out.
   even has a syberite and g w smith webpage with two different songs on it so far, wow, free downloads of great music. has the four cd download of the entire adam g-214, 2073 a.d. free to download from ken clingers bovine production with full support from syberite.
    the bovine music show from sallymae hogsby has been playing syberite and stomberg songs on her great weekly radio program, nice space age music here really worth checking out.
   7-2-06 ken clinger and greg stomberg have put three songs on the web at so be sure to search for them too.
   also they put three different songs at so be sure to download and listen to these also, downloads galore. has many photos of syberite and franklin grove, has 'the art of time', a 1977 'bass jam', 'nonsense', and 'ghostly red moon' that you can listen to or download for free. has the song 'thinking' from the adam rock opera on it you can listen to or download for free. has the songs 'ghostly red moon', nonsense', 1977 'bass jam', 'the art of time', the art of beak two time' on it for your listening pleasure.
   4-2007 greg writes 'one hour' true story.
   8-2007 ken clinger records the 1977 song 'the ritual of ra' now on his soundclick page and on the original syberite soundclick page, listen now and often.
   for reviews of syberite tapes and cd's goto 'reviews'. 
   for lyrics to the rock opera adam g-214, 2073 a.d. goto and click on stomberg.
   for more lyrics from g. stomberg goto and click on 'songs' or 'gwsmith'.
   EXTRA ;  EVENTS ; greg stomberg's radio interview concerning his underground beatle songs project was aired by orin g. at wcsb 89.3 cleveland at 1:35 a.m. on 2-14-06, call 216-687-3515 to request your favorite underground beatle song from greg's collection for a second interview.
   ZEKE AND SURF NEWS ; 2006 ; AMERICA LOSES THE WAR, we have become the enemy and we have lost, torture, rape, abuse, illegal occupation, the murder of civilians and the cancelling of rights in iraq have lead america down the path of the nazi's world domination scheme, king bush has lost the war,
   there is no hope even, there's just no way one country can take over another country these days unless we nuke them, which we hope is not an option.
   it seems like every day marines are committing murder, raping civilians and torturing detainees,
   i would still like to know what an 'insurgent' is, they have no army so every college student we kill is an insurgent? does that make michael moore (and us here at z+s) insurgents?
   and now (still) there's no trials, no evidence, no charges even, we just hold innocent people in torture camps for bush's laughter, what have we become?
   they didn't write the constitution and the bill of rights and put at the end of them that the first time they can scare the citizens they can cancel all our rights, but now they spy on innocent civilians, tap our phones, censor our mail, check our bank balances and do evil things not yet revealed,
   i would say bush has destroyed america, the terrorists could not come here and take our rights away, but bush can, so to me that makes bush more dangerous than the terrorists.

BANDS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS AND POETS WANTED TO RECORD SYBERITE SONGS FOR A COMPILATION TAPE, send cassette or CD's to greg stomberg, rr3 box 167n, doniphan, mo 63935. all songs c 2005 syberite (bs, jh, gs).

SONG LYRICS ; almost in order ;
whistling winds with wandering smiles wondering whats on my mind as bongos drum the bonging bells creating fairy eyes from unlawfull cries as tortured minds wonder whats on my mind tonight.
hidden smiles paper trials
deceived dead in piles
of rusted bathroom tiles conceived of miles 
   AND NOW...
and now
my body is a batter of unshaved jello, an ocean hangs upon cement waves, all my visions are clouded now, i don't know what to think, frozen winds slay as all rainbows fall away, ice drops can't find, the cosmic stars still on my mind. (as published by young pub. in the poetry book 'flights of fancy') 
the book of lifes fluttering pages
shake the letters off my skin,
the books are my bones.
i looked out and saw the clouds of today shooting stars lost in lights array as the sunshine burns softly on my wilted brain i smoke very often i got grass on the brain so help me collect the scattered peices help me to iron out all the creases, get it together, spaced out, blue smoke burning bright, i'm outside looking in, get it together, spaced out, get it together spaced out.
why do we look for the future
when we should be busy with the present,
it's just a little after the past,
and the future is being woven
on threads from the spool of now. 
(as published by young pub in the poetry book 'flights of fancy')
crying under a bush
during a thunderstorm in the middle of winter,
love can die with the falling rain,
washed away in the gutters.
there's a true side to us all,
false face lies and cries,
besides, his insides hear the call
as the man demands they crawl
beneath the wreath and thru the wall,
he heaves a sigh and wonders why
they had to die.
kaamo seer of secrets,
do you remember me, you say you have the power,
you say you have the key,
so i am asking you now, do you remember me?.
plenty of matches to relight in the ashtray so i may as well keep the candle lit, plenty of ashes, my delight, the pipe's way, so i may as well keep the candle lit.
tripping on reality scar faced cruelty we all face insanity hold your heads profanity and you're real or so it seems so surreal it seems it screams so it feels the ends justify the means and sells its stuff in soaps and creams.
universes never ending,
stars in the sky, stars in my eye,
as the trees sway bending hoping you'll never be sending
me away.
lost in a winding river of roads and signs,
the sea of buildings drown my ship of senses,
shipwrecked on reality i begin to cry.
i have to crank up my body to speed up my veins
and take thru my nose those damn crystal grains
and just like gunpowder it blows out my brains
and just like you it drives me insane.
so many knights alone, sitting beside the bones, from ashes to asses on phones, to many it seems it cries it moans, 'till they see themselves in broken glasses, empty lasses alone, drawing in fear from the sorrow, trying to forget their tomorrow, sketch books fade from gods who borrow, and castled pawns know what it means to haunted souls lost in machines, with songs that are what they seem, in dreams, in dreams, it's the art of time to move on. (as recorded by ken clinger, jim hauser, and space ocean).
inevitably, it is the end,
buried in a box for eternity,
hopefully i'm wrong.
it's not easy being green or having brown spots on your skin, but i like being a toad because it's in, toads know where it's at cause they're fat, toads know where it's at cause they're fat, toads know where it's at cause they're fat, they're so heavy, we live in toad houses underneath your window cill, drinking toad nectar and playing in our band, toads know where it's at cause they're fat, they're so heavy, but being a toad you get squished in the road, being a toad you get squished in the road, they're so heavy.
stashpipe hold the grass that grows, columbian feilds a connection who knows, no one knows he grows his own, frown in big town snow in big mounds, everyone not me doesn't know he's growing, out of town he's not known as going to smoke but to drink his high, glass tube snort the powder that goes, into your nose and thru your mind blow, your bodies numb your brain is dead, there's just a rush inside your head, (as recorded by dan susnara and greg stomberg)
incense burned for lady sun, stargazers cast into the one, all of the stars say its been done and you're all fools for not living for the sun, rituals cast in symphonies, themes caught in counter melodies send the young down the open seas as the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on... the answers never come instantly hopeless dreams caught in instant sanity, rituals cast in symphonies sending the young down the open seas as the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on.      +       floating away from familiar strangers reveal ties that hold you to your past, start bnreaking the silence that rings round your ears speak of the darkness surrounding the light think of the wonders, ra lives in the sun, the rain from his sunspots fall over the earth, energies evoked when the pyramids were done, oh temple of gods, its the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on, with beauty and power they built the stonehenge, a spiritual clock to energize our souls, that mankind will find and forever defend, the gifts given to us so long ago, oh temple of gods, its the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on.      +       the thin whisper of a soul bound for the unconsious mind cannot rest upon the obstacles of life, only rehabilitate the forces he finds as there are memories forced within our minds to wake you in the morning, and feel the warmth of the naked sun, give thanks to the glory within, the ritual, the ritual of ra, the ever screaming goal of mankind can only accomplish failure thruout all of life as the power of the forces in your mind wake you in the morning to feel the warmth of the naked sun and the glory within, the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on, the ritual will help us to live again, the ritual, the ritual of ra, goes on.
jamming in the corn crib, hitting chords and making noise, singing songs for all the boys, playing games with all the toys, jamming in the corn crib, getting stoned and busting ribs, playing games with gals in bibs, just a jamming in the corn crib, jamming in the corn crib.
stargazers borne in flames from the sun, rainbowed light touches down on the one, on the one, self made misunderstandings in me, no one can truly believe that we can see thru dusted life lights, blind alleyways nothing has to do with anything, blind alleyways nothing has to do with anything, philosophical meanderings flung from the heights of nighs on the verge of goodbyes comes the ancient wisdom of the one who most likely knows all the answers to the questions we ask the most, the guard has left his theoretical post adrift on the shore of the mystical coast, they know the questions that they ask the most, ask the most ask the most. (as recorded by dan susnara).
starbuck weener carpet cleaner past his weener wash her cleaner then you queen her, starborn waiter woman hater then you date her, you know it's fate her, quickly mate her, you're a starbuck weener you're a carpet cleaner and i know you are a friend of mine, you're the starborn waiter you're the empty fater and in the end i hope you will find, fate takes her to the kozmik hater, make her hate the empty fater and make her wait for the starborn waiter.
well, fxck you all for your state of mind you've lost your soul you've lost your mind so fxck you all for your state of being, open you eyes and start seeing, fxck you all for your state of mind, you've lost your soul you've lost your mind.
kansas crews wrecking rafts of snow that blows thru autumns grass, the crow who knows his crooked past thought he knew his first was last and the few who knew scattered fast, leave to see the open sea, let there be, sandy shores with waves that roar, crashing love notes down my throat i realize she cries, my name insane, ocean speaks it cracks it squeeks, love above, which i had said you're in my head you mess me up, set me up, atmosphere i don't fear, in the air, silence falls when she calls, don't go far i'm just one star, wasted in car, when you see that it's to be, we will be. (as recorded by micky saunders) 
diamonds in deserts melt hard in the sun as the rats and the rollers beat hard on the one, tripping on fantasy we come into his garden to visit the man to be, his ghost town approach clearly the man to be, with forests on fire that freeze the dogs as snakes of the bitch hiss at tomorrow, as snakes of the bitch hiss at tomorrow.
i'm so sorry i still love you it's a shame, i didn't know that i was just a player in your game, burn my hearts desire, keeper of the flame, see the blackened clouds, sit and wait for rain, i'm so sorry that you left me here to stay, time seems to pass on by till there's none left for today, come on babe don't quit now, love is on the way, see the blackened clouds awake, sit and watch the rain.
fashion flirts and miniskirts, oozing slime from body squirts you little girls you're so old you really fry my head, oozing slime it's bathing time wash away the grease and grime you little girls you're so cold your touch is like the dead, i don't know and i don't care cause i don't love her anymore, i will moan and i will swear that i don't love her anymore, fashion flirts and mini skirts, oozing slime from body squirts you little girls you're so old you really fry my head, you little girls you're so cold your touch is like the dead.
the godcheaters die and be dead,
the god haters death will be dread,
the god creators died in sorrow
and god fakers hiss at tomorrow,
god fakers hiss at tomorrow.
the man with the silver needle in his thighs, the chick with the bottled hate in her eyes, the way they create their fate it's great cause they know they're gonna die someday, they're gonna die someday, walking thru an empty cemetary, touch the tombstones in their eyes, at least they try, at least they try, yea, they're gonna die someday, they're gonna die someday.
come into my parlor said the spider to the fly, a hookah for your problems and some acid for your eye, we sat and toked and toked and toked a dropped a hit or two and journeyed to the planets that are seen by very few, we tripped untill the village clock no longer struck the hour, instead each stroke upon the bell released the scent of flowers, we rapped and rapped and yes indeed we nearly touched the sky, the goals of man the goals of ours no longer seemed so high, untill the sweet smell of the bong rekindled by the flame, of happiness and foolishness with no one else to blame, he said do it now and do it till the day you die so i bade him well and left his house a much more wiser fly.
there's a wild look in your eyes and you tell me that should be no surprize the years of struggle have left their mark all your castles have fallen apart, another look would make you understand its so hard to be your own man tolling in taxes till the day you die share your dollars with the office of lies, they tell their daughters to stay away from you for you will give them drugs and they'll turn out just like you but mom and dad are drowning in the scotch and the rye, there's a wild look in this countries eyes and you tell me that should be no surprize the years of struggle have left their mark all our castles have fallen apart.
(i can't find a copy of this, anyone?) (as published by young pub in the poetry book 'lyrical voices')
the sun shines the planets blue and i love you, yes i love you, your aura shines into the sky don't ask why, oh, don't ask why, who will still love you when the skies fall away, and they'll fall some day, who will still love you when the earth breaks away, when it goes astray, it's ok i want to say my love is true, my love is true, it's all well i want to tell my thanks to you, yes thanks to you, who will still love you when the earth breaks away, when it goes astray, who will still love you when the skies fall away and they'll fall someday,it's so fine this love of mine won't go away, can't go astray, who will still love you when the skies fall away, and they'll fall someday.
riding on a wind they call destiny can't answer the question of whats to become of me so i'll gallup my horse down the road that i choose and with you by my side we'll catch all the scenic views, on a rainy day one smoggy summer in a town that refuses the truth i met a young girl and promised her the world so she had to turn on, she just had to turn on, i kept hoping for a hint of boredom as she pulled my head down to hers, i kept asking her why as she turned back her head smiling 'you'll miss the view if you don't slow down' so i had to turn on, i just had to turn on, i kept thinking of you while you were gone, away, with desperation as a smile, i keep holding my breathe as i try not to cough and i had to turn on, i just had to turn on.
we pass a lot around, gold and green and brown, fine weed from here and there, illegal but that's not fair, you touch it to your lips, it travels to your mind, there's more to life than bread, seek and you shall find, i touch it to my lips, so pleased at what i find, you and i are brothers, there's no such thing as time, more friends join the circle passing around their smoke, we're all links in the chain of life surrounded by a little toke, i love to see you smile, glad to be on your chain, and that there's something we can share to help to ease the pain, of isolated separated souls on their way home again. (as recorded by dan susnara)
listen here you puppet breeders and act according to cold law readers, how rewarding to braindrain feeders to fry your head with television and make you think its your own decision but acid heads know its all hypnotism, they create transistorized human celluloids, a commercialed world to fill your brain's voids, with eternal red tape from governmental floyds so what can we do for the empty head friars except to laugh at their games and pull their puppet wires and dance to the beat of a hippies flag fire.
sun dusted shadow casters appear on the scene,
deep rusted earth masters know where they've been
i'm a wave of energy,
a mass of colours growing weak,
a surge of cryptic micro dot devour us as we speak,
i can't say i understand,
comprehend or sympathize,
but i do know where we stand
when i see love in your eyes 
kaamo has stopped seeing secrets, stardust has orbitted away, egel never really existed and godfakers lost his way, rainmaker, they've all left, but me i have to stay, rainmaker, they've all left, but me i have to stay. (as recorded by dan susnara)
a pillow of winds,
a blanket of stars,
a bed of earth,
a meal of herbs,
a mind of love,
a home of flowers
and the rythm of time.
funny instru
when the lord calls my name after my soul has gone by, he'll ask what i've done, how i've lived to get by, i'll tell him 'sir its been great, all i ever did was get high' and he'll let me inside, maybe give me a hug, unlike the next lug, who lived as if he were god and other people just bugs, he lived his life a lawman, a cop, a killer in a shell, a lawyer judge or politician who made other lives a real hell, 'well, i have no use for them,' this i heard him to me tell, 'and tho i pity all of their lot, i'll send them all straight to hell.', justice, justice. (as recorded by susnara-stomberg in 8-05)
the aging knight with glorious past remembers those that made it last brothers all they made their way into tomorrow and then today he plucked the strings upon his bass and felt the sting of times embrace for days gone by are gone for good yet back he'd go if only he could no longer do the old hearts shivver when underground the ground did quivver to feel the music once again thunder, rain and heavenly din chains that bind are never broken their hearts are one tho seldom spoken awaiting ghosts to raise the past and bring the boys back home at last the hair is grey and eyes grow week and yet his heart will always seek the fire that drove him to this place of memories, dreams and cyberspace, the wizard works his fingers well the images alive at last into our hearts to hold them fast the world of his at his command roam to and fro across the land with lightning speed they travel fast and then one day they touch the past, and now he knows he is not done that time is not the setting sun his aging eyes have seen the light from syberite to cyberite
bruce played guitar and formed a band jim was a friend and a rock fan they needed a bass to get things done so jim went out and he bought one, sybarite was hatched out of this egg they jammed a lot then met greg, he had lots of art and poetry that matched their music perfectly, they got stoned let time linger, greg ended up being their singer, they sounded tight rest assured with bruces notes and gregs words they recorded songs had lots of fun under the influence of every drug under the sun, but bruce could play and greg could write while jims bass playing was always right, they found a lead guitar and a young drummer, greg bought an acoustic to be a guitar strummer, they jammed in a corn crib out on a farm till winter came and set off alarms, moved the band to bruce and jims trailer and lost the lead guitar and drummer player, the remaining trio really got down even recorded demos to send to the big town, but all things end things must change, people move, minds get rearranged but i'll tell you this and i'll be right i'll never forget the band called syberite.
when syberite entered cyberspace it was a blessing for the whole human race, to take these pictures, songs and art to the cyberspace internet heart, bruce played guitar and formed a band, jim bought a bass to play and greg had art and poetry that matched their music lyrically, they recorded music, jammed a lot, then moved on a life they got, two decades went by real fast then jim found greg on the internet at last, we wrote more songs reunited syberite, duped all our songs so visit our web site, even brought back zeke and surf, the under ground now a web to surf, back together and we just found bruce so what the hell we still cut loose, get on the web and buy our stuff cause we still aint rich enough, but play the music that's the key, the point of all our songs you see was to take us to a higher place, from sybarite to cyberspace.
kaamo has raised his ugly head, stardust has crashed to the ground, egel can't remember the time and godfakers can't be found, rainmaker's lost in space but me i'll fly around, syberite has left now, so i'll just fly around.
   SYBERITE 2000
it could be dark it could be bright, it could be light or syberite, syberite 2000, syberite 2000, it could be wrong it could be right, it could be fate or syberite, syberite 2000, syberite 2000, sometimes you run sometimes you fight, it could be war or syberite, syberite 2000, syberite 2000
 experimental instru inspired by the novel 'eyes in the night' by misty stomberg. (as recorded by jim hauser) 
i thought i was safe but i spoke too soon when i gazed up at the ghostly red moon, a shadow seemed to jump and i realized that a scary ghost was there and he had blood in his eyes, vampires in the night want to suck your blood, then leave you dry with your face in the mud, vampires in the night come for me and you, she came for me thrice, now i am one too, so i'm telling you this for i'll not see you soon because now i'm the haunter of the ghostly red moon.  (as recorded by jim hauser)
monsters in the closet never show their face, monsters in the closet stalking the human race, you can never focus on the eyes in the night, race to close the door and turn on the light, but the monsters still come creeping as you lie in your bed and haunt you all your life untill you are dead. (as recorded by jim hauser)
(instrumental from an old riff bruce and jim used to play)  (as recorded by k6-4)
at the end of time where dreams come from there's a rainbow shedding light, from the ancient past to the cyberspace heart comes the rock band syberite, syberite knight, syberite knight get it right, bruce played guitar jim his bass greg sang some of the songs, wrote original tunes, recorded them too so nothing could go wrong on a syberite knight, syberite knight get it right, but then they moved on watched life roll on it, seems as tho a life they did get, try to remember it now, who what where when and how, syberite a band i'll never forget, syberite knight syberite knight get it right.
   ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. 
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we go thru life from day to day, ignoring much things go away, the bards find words to make things last and build the statues from the past, pain and sorrow they do not fear, love and hope they hold so dear, they write this down for all to see they forge the chains that set us free, life is good and life is worse, things can be a dreadfull curse, they speak of hate and then they fight, to speak of love and set things right, the words are there for us to see to hold them close or let them be, the bards find words to make things last and build the statues from the past.
be prepared to be surprized live your life with open eyes, many live but never see, all the things your life can be, our memories fade and then return when fires of friendship try to burn the images upon our mind, we walk away then try to find, that nothings changed and nothings gone what once was 'is' is now a song, for all to see and hear our place to know our dreams and see our face the poets sing and dancers dance it gives us all just one more chance, to swat away the killer moth and lets us feel the humble clothe.
the rush flows thru my body till i exhale all my smoke, steeped in so much reality connected by a little toke, syberite where are you now that i need you the most, my mind spins madly backwards like the intoxicating ghost, my hands now sweat profusely my head too numb from cocaine, just a little experiment to help me ease the pain.
the spider tried to lay his trap but i was fresh and clean, his spinning web told tales of men who's soul got lost in machines, their awesome light blinded me, even the eyes in back of my head, the eight legged fury rushed over skulls and i was thinking it wanted me dead, i smelled rich green smoke as the arachnid did exhale, his deadly fangs now in a smile as he asked if i wanted a bale, there was a hookah on his left and some mushrooms on his right, i scooted even closer and then asked him for a light, i left his web all happy and flying with a buzz, and so can you my furry friend if you don't get busted by the fuzz.
kaamo has raised his ugly head, stardust has crashed to the ground,
egel can't remember the time and godfakers can't be found,
rainmaker, spins around while i crash to the ground,
rainmaker spins around while i just crash to the ground.
captain zemo's got a bomb and he wants to blow up your mom, sgt. slaughter's got a gun and wants to go to school for fun, here's syberite to save the world for every boy and girl they will sing give peace a chance, sing it loud for the piss ants, they will help the sick and poor save the environment and even more, they will stop captain zemo save your mom from the bomb's blow, they will stop the evil slaughter from harming your son and daughter, here's syberite to save the world for every boy and girl save you from the bad drug laws save you from screaming ma and pa's they want you to live in peace take the time to watch the geese, they don't want you to commit a crime just write songs that sometimes rhyme if you do only good god will help you, knock on wood, for every single boy and girl here's syberite to save the world.
he said i know who you are not who you want to be and i know why you came here to see me, there's answers to questions you continue to seek as you live your life from week to week, the questions are why, who , what, and where as you live your life seeking those who care, but do not pretend it is peace you will find when you open the door that closes your mind. (4-5-03-)
kaamo's been with me all along as egel smoked his day glo bong, and stardust lost the hidden skies beneath the lowly godfakers eyes, rainmakers come to illuminate the light as boy howdy quivvers at dreams in the night, and the easter bunny mummy did what he did to seek and destroy the shitkickin kid.
the bones were thrown as a hex,
a fire started for divine intervention,
the cauldron boiled a poisonous brew
as a crow cawed to the spirits
and the ancient ones cried 'syberite'. 
--kaamo, seer of secrets, 746 b.c. 
   ... //... // ... // ...BONUS SONGS ;
once just men now we're a band, we're so great give us a hand, but pay us before we get on stage to play the songs that're all the rage, now clap your hands you fxcking losers and give your beers to our lead boozer, we've come here to play our songs so chug your beers and smoke your bongs, you must give us lots of drugs or we'll squash you like little bugs, you will pray cause we're your gods, admire us and our great bods, we will sing and you will bow, we are bulls and you're just cows, you are sheep we lead to slaughter while introducing us to your daughters, to you we're gods cause you're all scum, we are rich and you are bums, syberite's come that's why we're here, so shut your mouth you fxcking queer, sockeye's done now it's our turn, light them up your grass we'll burn, we still play cause we're so slick now shut your mouth you fxcking prxck, applaud us then buy us a round before we split for the next town, when we leave we'll break some hearts, we don't care cause their breathe's like farts, so now we leave for the next city, we won't come back cause this ones too shxtty. ...
   THE VOID 1977
the obscene colour of a psychotic braindrainer
falling gently and so very, very high,
and yet so far away
the screams echo constantly thru the void,
as if i am no longer a transistorized human celluloid. ...
so listen to my story about a man who was all blubber then he lost a lot of weight cause he didn't wear a rubber did he get it from the drs. or blood band thugs was he gay or a junkie or did he just do drugs, see him lose more weight as he starts to fade, look out mama, this year santa has aids. ...
everything i think of reminds me of you now the life we're living and the pain i've put you thru, another year is over every year these words ring true, and i know i'd never make it if it weren't just for you, the song that my hearts singing is quenching my loves thirst and i'll write love songs forever if i don't puke first. ...
chris bartlett died so i'm writing this down because we both came from the same small town, we knew each other once we were friends but it's been a long time since we were where the creek bends, now they say he's gone i really don't know what to say except may the lord forgive his sins and bless him on his way. ...
red moon rising over dead mans curve a twist on old mill road caused the car to swerve, dead moon rising over the lakes empty ferry two more souls lost to the cemetary, red moon rising as all souls must, dead moon rising from ashes to dust (as published in red moon magazine, 2000)
i've got something here to feed the troops a little treat called mouse heads soup, i cook it now to feed the poor, its not too good but they always want more, at least it's something for them to eat very nutritious this rodent meat, bush's men would let them starve for not fitting the world being carved, america's not good enough for bush to save now eat the meat that's all the rave, not too good it tastes like poop, i wish bush had to eat this mouse heads soup. (3-03-)
instead of making a line in the sand they should be snorting a line from the band, instead of taking orders from the joint chief of staff we should be ordering joints from the riff raff, instead of listening to president dope we should be listening to rock smoking rope, instead of killing for an oil feild deed we should be enjoying coke, smoke and speed, instead of sending our kids off to war we should try diplomacy a little more (3-03-)
full moon madness taking over your mind go to the light even if it makes you blind, change to the monster we all want to be get all big and hairy and a werewolf you will be, run thru the shadows escaping past the trees as the darkness falls around you scratching all your fleas, ripping off your clothes the beast you now become while howling at the hollers and meadows as you run, now gather up your herbs as fast as you can pull it, drink from the babbling springs and dodge the silver bullet. ...
how much the future holds depends on the cards we play,
where the path leads us depends on where we stay,
the fates that led us here must have had a reason,
to turn the clocks ahead for a new day and a new season.
(3-28-03-) ...
the time today has passed away we've killed another hour, let the past slip away the days utilizing the clocks power, no thought, no time, no space or rhyme, no words now about zen, yet peace will come when rising sun speaks to clouds of joy and rain shines bright upon the stars, of this, god's laughing boy.(3-30-03-) ...
chase the demons from my mind lock them away and i'll feel fine, take the monsters from my dreaming head and leave me as if i'm better off dead, take these vampires from my vein before they drive me completely insane, take the witches from my brew before my skin turns a lighter shade of blue, shoot the bats soaring across the moon let them rest in peace among the stonehenge ruins, if i end up like frankenstein then the ending suits me just fine. (4-10-03-) ...
lonewolf howling at the brightness of the moon knowing that the shadows will fall very soon, creatures of darkness stir amongst the plains as horror mounts beware the amber waves of grain, a stirring of souls awakens the night as creatures of blood scurry by out of sight, laughter echos loud when death is near, raging spirits cast out of the end their fears. (4-23-03-) ...
i never heard the stories i swear i never did so i didn't know who he was when i met the shitkickin kid, he asked if i had a light so he could smoke a joint i said 'smoke a what?' and the guys would giggle and point, aint you ever been high? he asked and passed one on to me he said to smoke it all and they'd call me boy howdy, i tried to smoke it all but had a coughing fit, rolling on the floor i asked 'what is this shit?' rolling on the ground they were all laughing at me, so i told them that i liked it because it made me feel so free, the kid laughed and slapped my back said his name was kid shitkickin and if i wanted any pot i had better start bud pickin cause the sherriff now was coming to burn down all our weeds but we weren't too concerned cause we had packed up plenty of seeds. (4-8-03-) ...
lost to the shadows our souls did fly
into the darkness as life dances by,
way past the echos that ring thru the land,
to the freedom of peace and the beat of rock bands.
can't shake the feeling the worst is yet to come,
onward to the clouds when our job is done,
 waving from the heavens i'll say my last goodbye,
and reach out for the stars that twinkle in the sky.
 living in the sea of madness everywhere,
drifting past the sadness waiting there
where the road says bend and the rainbow ends,
past the shadows near the dark where men do speak of leaving their mark, where they might live love and learn about all the joys of life we have earned, and listen to the glory of fast living art and listen to the sound of artists as they fart, so don't follow us to the end of the road or you'll get squished like a big freaking toad, dead in the road like someone's roadkill for a soup or meat to put in some fools swill, and a recipe is where you've been, turned into our soylent green ... 
the day the space gods came to play man was busy wasting his life away, we welcomed them with open arms and promised them we meant no harm, they left their ship and with a wave their armed commandos made us their slaves, forced the overweight into their space bus to make a tasty meal of us, we tried to pass a law so they couldn't do this but their lobbyists gave money to republicans so this plan went amiss, so now they live here eating the poor at soylent green factories with blood on the floor, but their feedings not illegal just ask the memo man as long as they don't eat any republicans. 
 i am the dead,
cold, stoned, walking alone, lumbering along as i sing this demented song, i am the corpse waiting here to rot and fill up my eye sockets with green maggots and snot, i am deceased not resting here in peace as my skin lies melting from my pores oozing grease, i am the dead walking from my grave will i walk in darkness or thru the light be saved?...
all texas women look just like their men with big brawny muscles and hair on their chin and butt ugly faces you can't stand to watch you'd even swear there's a bulge in their crotch, there on her face is a green giant mole i guess that that is her birth control,you'd thinbk they all come from el paso their personality makes them one giant axxhole, it looks like someone kicked their face with a boot and mated their mother with hairy bigfoot, i'd stay away from them if you can you never know they might turn out to be half a man, so beware before you sqeeze their tush they might be a west texas girl just like bush....
we headed for big trouble if we invade iran to keep them from enrtiching their uranium, what gives us the right to tell them what to do except in the mind of dictator youknowwho, iraq's civil war put us in a tailspin with body bags flowing like vietnam again, so forget north korea they got no oil so their nukes don't make our blood boil, look at the freedom we brought afghanistan where they still execute a good christian man, canadian doctors let their dying smoke pot but we just say no and let their insides rot, the countries going down someone has to pay so let's all  impeach bush today....
 the evil snowman has melted away washed in the puddles of yesterday, the mad santa corpse is buried within the bottles, the flasks, the kegs of gin, the killer reindeer has struck once more so do not answer if he knocks on your door,or jack frost will axe your pretty head and drink your blood when you are dead.
the saucers from outer space came to enslave the human race, the aliens who answered the call came down here to eat us all, devourers of human flesh came to cook us here i guess, just to eat me and you fatten us up in their zoo, and let us be their soylent green if you know just what i mean, so learn it now if you don't know and keep away from the ufo, for if they came to earth your burnt flesh is all you're worth...
the blood of the elders run rivers of red as thinkers of the night read books of the dead, the tears of the gods that came now from heaven rain blankets of knowlege upon the cold raven, i cast to the bones the secrets of man releasing the winds to blow in the sand and cast to the shadows these words from on high that melt in the sun and blow kisses to the sky. ...
straight from the fires of hell come the demons of desire while telling us all is well they toss our souls into the fire, hiding the truth we see is not unlike leading the blind and the glory of times that be are lost as we cannot find the souls of those we seek the peace of endless hours the ones who only peak at the life that we call ours....
time goes by so fast you know someone comes and someone goes change has come, its now too late, to change your mind and alter fate so accept yourself and things that be or find yourself not being free to live the life that you must find to go thru life just one more time, then at last to find the past as time speeds by the first is last. ...
utopia's war with bovinia started with a shot and a moo when a half drunk hunter mistook a milker for a twelve point buckeroo, the milk bombs were launched and the cows did amass for tipping them over they wanted to kick our ass but utopia's heroes were there on the line with uniforms so bright that fit them just fine, the corpses they ate were hamburgers made so fresh by the sultry young bovines they used to call bess, the horns that were mooing were on the attack simply by watching their cousin deer's back, so listen young calves to help stop the war by telling the men to butcher us no more, and by negotiation we all can come clean for lunch we'll stop eating their soylent green. ...
   PROLOGUE ; ADAM G-214 ;
   we're proud to be americans with the red, white and blue, and if you disagree with bush then we will torture you, we like to keep our prisoners naked in a dog pile, or lead them naked on leash with a thumbs up and a smile, remember the dixie chicks? we put them in their place, they said something we didn't like so we threatened to slap their face, we're gonna steal iraq's oil and fill up our big cars, anyone who complains will end up behind our bars, where sodomy with lightsticks is on the couse tonight, the attorney general doesn't care, his memo says it's allright, hooking wires to their nxts will help to keep us safe, we'll put bags over their heads and wipe menstrual blood on their face, we'll stomp them when they're down laughing all the while all the advisors agree we need pictures for our files, i'm proud to be an american we can do anything so gather all around and let's make bush our king,
      the constitutions dumb and so's the bill of rights, people will do what we say, if we're wrong we'll say we're right, there's one now, one who disagrees, throw him in a cell, that will help to keep us free, strip him down then deny him bail tap all of his phones and censor all his mail grab all his friends his kin and all the rest, then we'll torture them, till they all confess, we'll just call them names like rebels or insurgents steal all their land and make them pay us rent, we'll rip thru them like they are butter, cause all they had was dollar store box cutters, they can't do shxt while we rule the world and steal all their oil for every white boy and girl and if you disagree i don't feel sorry for you we'll parade you thru public and let the people watch us torture you, everyone will come to see you hanging from a tree we'll bring all the children so they can plainly see that god wants bush to rule the world, with his iron hand his armies kill and maim while destroying all the land, steal, plunder and kill is all we want to do we're coming to your country and we'll do it to you, a light stick up your butt will help you see the truth, and if you are a man we'll cut it off and call you ruth, i'm proud to be an american shouting red, white and blue, and if you disagree with us, then we will torture you,
      even the pope is a nazi so what can i say, he's a member of the hitler youth par-tay, he helped move the priests who molested your children then made money from donations from your friends, benedict is all for war, he hates those fags and jews, and i'll bet he'll find a reason to hate you too, he's a nazi and a nut, some say bush's pawn, he'll help us rule the world, on that you can count on, he's all for peace, peace for the master race, as long as you're rich and white, he won't slap you in the face, you ask where was he when all the torturing was going on (besides passing around molesters of young dons), he was making lots of money from the sick and poor all while heiling hitler, and supporting our dirty war, so you can't turn to religion, to help your point of view and if you disagree with bush, then we will torture you,
      hurricane katrina really showed us all if you're black and yell for help we won't answere your call, if you're white and search for food we think thats ok but if you're black you are a looter for us to blow away if you're poor we'll let you bleed in the water where we just peed, billions to iraq to steal their oil but nothing for the people whose water they must boil, we're all trained to fight and to go to war but our own cities destroyed and we don't care no more, new orleans is now an underwater town but we look the other way so it don't bring us down, millions displaced and thousands dead and all the children never got fed, we don't care and that may sound funny but we can't figure out how the flood can make us money,so let them live like monkeys in a zoo and if you disagree with bush then we will torture you,
      guess who's gonna pay for stealing all their gas, and if you hate high prices then you can kiss our axs, cause bush is making money for stealing all their oil with profits for his friends who use slaves to do the toil, so we're taking all the dropouts from our leave them behind schools and making them baby killers to enforce bush's golden rule, that he who has the gold can make the poor people dance, work, and be our slaves as we make them pee their pants, we'll defeat them even if they don't fight us, we'll give their kids a case of red hot poker itus, the lottery is fixed but people bet and hope, the numbers picked are rigged and betters' simply dopes, even sports events are fixed, to make us all look good that's why the 'patriots' win when before they never could, soon art will be illegal, songs and poetry too, unless their patriotic themes share the nazi point of view, yep, the world is a changing, from a worse point of view and if you disagree with bush, then we will torture you,
      if you dare to speak your mind and speak out against the war, we'll protest your homes, send you death threats and more, we'll boycott your products, demand that your boss fire you, call all the radio stations and get them to demonize you, we'll rally around the flag while the press has you in headlines, our cops will always stop you and give you heavy fines, look at dixie chicks, millions turned on them, so if you don't want trouble let bush be your best friend, or you will have to pay, just you wait and see, say something we don't like and we'll lynch you from a tree, anyone who questions what we say or do will be punished in a cell and made to eat their own poo poo, pope nazi says we must make you believe in george jesus, so we can kick your axs to make you all confess, if you don't like king bush then we will torture you, we're coming to your country and we'll do it to you, 1984 is coming, some say its already here, cause freedom has left us, with sadness and a tear.
      we'll strip you naked and call you a fag, make you dance with other prisoners with their heads in a bag, shoot naked porno flicks just because we can, and its not torture just ask the memo man, we do what we want now heres a bra to wear we've got sex toys to rub on your underwear, we do it all for fun we're not torturing you but we'll keep you in a kennel and make you eat your own poo poo, your religion is crap and you'll all go to hell cause christ says kill you so your oil we can sell, our dogs will really growl and really freak you out we'll never let you sleep at night our tapes will shout, you disagreed with bush now you will have to pay, but its not torture if we do it bushs' way, brainwashing, drugs and compromising positions, sex, lies and abuse to our opposition, i don't know what they did but i know we want their oil, so destroy all the land in our battle royal, god says bush is right in destroying everything, and god wants bush to be the worlds greatest king, 666 is his number and he's living up to it, by taking our great country and turning it to shxt,we need oil so we started this great war, nineteen hundred dead but the undertaker wants more, and business is good for the war machine that kills but the rest are unemployed and cannot pay their bills,pope nazi says harry potter is the root of all evil, so round all the fags and jews and kill the bald eagle, blacks don't vote for bush so lets not let them vote, take the non white immigrants and push them off the boat, satan loves evil and he really enjoys the veiw, and if you disagree with bush then we will torture you,
      flooders from katrina all need a big boat but bush won't help cause he's still reading my pet goat, let's make a redneck chief of the supreme court so all our women will use coathangers to abort, natalie holloway's missing but we're not searching high and low cause there's no profit for republicans so she can go blow joe, the cia has her anyway tucked in a secret cell but we can't tell her family, they can go to hell, no rita has blown in and flooded the church steeple millio0ns washed away but we won't help our own people, now gas is going up putting the screws to you, profits in the billions while we price gouge you, we'll pretend we care and say 'aw that's too bad' while we steal the retirement money from your poor old dad, lynde england has pled guilty with a wink and a smile, her bosses got off the hook laughing all the while, five more soldiers busted for beating detainees but bush says thats okay 'do not listen to their pleas', big money is the game, it's evil yes it's true and if yopu don't give us yours then we will torture you.
      edjamacated republicans breaking all the rules taking democrats and making them look like jewels, see saddam in his underwear, his picture makes us smile, treat him like the dirt in our laundry pile, there's ted kennedy on the no fly list, him and cat stevens might hijack it with their fists, we flushed the koran and told muslims go to hxll, we'll make them all christians with our bomb shells, the democrats showed they're wimps all they can do is agree to let bush do what he wants with no debates to see, korea built their nukes and threatened us with war, but they don't have no oil so we don't care no more, we'ver cut medicaid so our poor children die, when they need to see a doctor all they can do is cry, if your country has riches we might liberate you and if you disagree with bush then we might torture you,
      but our tortures not illegal this memo says its allright, because we call them names their children we can fight, we'll kill college students and tell the press they're insurgents so no one is safe from the violence that we vent, no prisoners of war, just prisoners of bush so its ok for us to shove a broomstick up their tush, we're proud to americans with the red white and blue and if you disagree with bush then we can torture you,
      dumbo says we're not torturing prisoners, we're just having a little fun so laugh while a detainee sucks the barrel of his gun, they think they're gonna drown when we hold them under water if they don't tell us what we want to hear we'll dunk their naked daughter, we'll make them play with sex toys while we video tape, because of general memo man none dare call it rape, that's how we'll win this war with only 20,000 dead 'we'll stay till the oils gone' is that what king bush said? torture unto others or we will torture you
      they'll learn to love us from the kennel of a zoo, we'll kill saddams lawyers and then put him on trial his only defense is that we supported him all the while he's being tried for murder from 1982 i understand but then he was our allie so shouldn't bush one also be on the stand? we also sold him weapons the mass destruction kind he had nothing else, that's all we could find but don't you let the truth really bother you cause if you even question us we will torture you,
      he disagreed with bush so let's destroy his life and tell the press a cia agent is his wife, cheney said it so it must be true but he denies the facts to cover for you know who, cindy sheehan now protests his home and follows him around trying to catch him alone she wants answers about why her son did die but bush is dodging her cause all he can do is lie, he'll say we fight for freedom and for all the worlds good but first we'll torture our enemies just like jesus would, so he picks another nazi for the supreme court so he can stop the women who have the right to abort, he's thinking lynde england is a good candidate because she's evil and mean and also filled with hate, but we want their oil so i guess it's okay to rule the world and lock the poor away,god forbid we not drive our big cars and we can steal it all if we put them behind bars, we're protecting poppy fields in afghanistan and moving heroin for every warlord clan but bush don't care he's doing it for freedom and not just because he is really so dumb, we're coming to your riches and we'll steal them from you cause if you disagree with us then we will torture you (legally).
      so now bush is getting drunk, has breakdowns and needs therapy, he gets all the best but none for you and me, 'if you're against the war you're being unpatriotic' i've heard it so many times it really makes me sick, 'you're hurting the troops morale and being irresponsible' he cries if yopu raise questions about the hows and whys, it's enough we need their oil to liberate all of them it will make them free but just don't ask us when, maybe when we suck their oil dry we can all go home or invade another country so we can drive our chrome, sometime in the future, let's say 2025 there's a slow train a coming if you are still alive, for you'll be out of gas and running from a flood that took a long time coming and took a lot of blood so remember when they come for you they also came for me and it wasn't cause we're criminals it's because we disagreed, so you'd better say heil hitler when they come for you cause you dared to speak your mind so now they'll torture you.
   (some have called this song the prologue to the adam g-214 rock opera) there's actually a couple more verses to this but i think the author has been rounded up and stuck in a secret prison just for those who think.
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   'you better watch what you say!' a message from king bush to the war protesters and anyone who questions the war, 1-2006.

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